Resete delivery terms


1.1 Resete is a trademark of New Life Holding Oy. In the delivery terms of Resete described in this document, the contracting party is New Life Holding Oy.
1.2 These delivery terms apply to the maintenance and other services provided by Resete to consumer and business customers (customers) . These terms and conditions also apply mutatis mutandis to the relationship between Resete and the reseller.
1.3. These terms of delivery also apply when Resete sells products such as accessories and spare parts.


2.1 The contents of the services are described in the service descriptions of Resete.
2.2 The service is based on either a warranty issued by the manufacturer (principal) who has entered into a contract with Resete (warranty work) or maintenance work for which the customer is charged a price in accordance with the price list in force at the time (charge work).  The guarantee conditions for the principals can be found on their own websites. Resete’s price list can be found on the company’s website and at the dealer.
2.3 Resete has the right to use subcontractors to fulfill its obligations under the contract.
2.4 The partners required by the principal may also participate in the warranty service, for the performance of which Resete is not primarily responsible.


3.1 The agreement between the parties regarding an individual transaction is created by accepting the order or offer, or when the Resete dealer provides the customer with a service receipt.
3.2 If a separate written agreement has been concluded between the parties, this agreement and its annexes shall prevail over these delivery terms.


4.1 Charges and cost estimates are invoiced in accordance with the valid price list.
4.2 Resete has the right to charge delivery fees and a small invoicing surcharge in accordance with the price list on a case-by-case basis .
4.3 If the service is provided as warranty work, the service is free of charge to the customer in accordance with the principal’s warranty conditions.
4.4 Equipment and accessories are warranted by the manufacturers against defects in material and workmanship . Defects caused by external factors, such as mechanical stress or moisture, are generally not covered by the principals’ warranties.
4.5 If the device delivered to the service for warranty work is covered by the warranty non-repairable fault, the customer may alternatively request that the fault be rectified as a charge or that the device be returned unrepaired. If a device that is clearly not covered by the warranty is returned at the customer’s request or unrepairable, the customer may be charged a cost estimate.
4.6 If the device delivered for maintenance as a charge work is returned at the customer’s request unserviceable due to maintenance measures or an external factor, the customer may be charged for small work in accordance with the price list. Minor work may also be charged when a device not covered by Resete’s service or unclear service is returned.


5.1 In principle, the customer must pay the price of the service upon receipt of the device or when a payment request is submitted.
5.2 The invoice must be paid within the time specified by it. If the invoice is not paid on the due date, default interest in accordance with the Interest Act may be charged from the due date to the payment date.
5.3 If the payment has not been made within the required time, the customer’s device may not be handed over to the customer until the receivable with interest and expenses has been paid in full or a sufficient security has been provided.
5.4 In cases of late payment, you are also entitled to charge a notice fee and collection costs.
5.5 Complaints concerning the invoice must be made within a reasonable time after the invoice date. A reasonable time is usually fourteen (14) days.


INSPECTION 6.1 Resete will in principle arrange delivery of the device to the place from which it was sent to Resete. The customer who leaves the device to the dealer is not responsible for the shipping costs of warranty service. Charging work may incur transportation costs or a delivery fee .
Transport costs and responsibilities are shared between the reseller and Reset in accordance with current practice. The parties have an obligation to find out about these practices for themselves.

6.2 Resete always has the right to return the device unrepaired to the dealer without informing them.
6.3 The customer must check the functionality of the device after receiving it and submit any complaints within a reasonable time after receiving the device . A reasonable time is usually fourteen (14) days.

7.1 Resete grants a one (3) month work warranty for the service and spare parts used in it . If the device is re-serviced during the warranty period due to a different fault, this is a new service event. This warranty does not limit liability for defects under the Consumer Protection Act or these terms.

8.1. Resete is not responsible for the data contained in the device, its loss or destruction. As a general rule, data will be lost when the device or its parts are replaced or upgraded.
8.2 The Customer grants Resete the right to copy and store the data contained in the device in its own systems for the period of time necessary for the implementation of the service and Resete’s liability , however, not exceeding 90 days.


9.1 If there is an error in the delivery, Resete must correct the error or renew the delivery. The customer must give Resete a reasonable additional time to correct the error. A reasonable time is usually thirty (30) days.
9.2 If the correction of the error or a new delivery would cause unreasonable costs or unreasonable inconvenience to the error, Resete is not obliged to correct the error. The consumer customer may refuse to correct the error if it would cause him substantial inconvenience or risk of not being reimbursed for the costs incurred, or if there is another specific reason for the refusal.
9.3 Unless it is possible or correct to correct the error or perform it again the adjustment is made within a reasonable time after the customer has reported the error, the customer may request a price reduction corresponding to the error.
9.4 If there are serious reasons to assume that there will be a material defect in the service, the customer may terminate the contract to the extent that the service has not yet been performed.
9.5 Resete shall not be liable for an error if the customer has not reported the error within a reasonable time after it has discovered the error or should have discovered it. A reasonable time is usually fourteen (14) days.

9.6 Resete not liable for any lack of conformity which is due to the operating instructions or otherwise unlawful use of the instructions given and the customer or a third party on the responsibility of the facts.


10.1 The service must be delivered within a reasonable time. A reasonable time is usually thirty (30) days. If the principal’s partners are involved in the implementation of the service , the reasonable time may be longer.
10.2 The customer has the right to terminate the service agreement if the delivery or correction of the error is substantially delayed from the stated delivery time, or if the device is not delivered or repaired within a reasonable additional time set by the customer. If a substantial part of the
service has been performed, the customer has the right to terminate the contract only to the extent that the service has not been performed, except in a situation where the purpose of the service remains substantially not achieved due to the delay.
10.3 The customer has no right to terminate the agreement if he does not notify Resete of the delivery within a reasonable time. The same applies to a possible claim for damages.
10.4 If timely delivery is prevented due to force majeure referred to in clause 12, it shall be deemed to have been delivered in time when the delivery takes place within a reasonable time after the impediment ceases.


11.1 If the product or service has a defect that has not been rectified within a reasonable time or there is a delay, the consumer customer has the right to claim compensation for immediate damage caused by the error or delay in accordance with Chapter 5 or 8 of the Consumer Protection Act. For the corporate customer and the reseller, Resete’s liability is limited to the economic value of the contract.
11.2 In the case of a consumer customer, the seller is obliged to compensate for indirect damages only if the error or delay is due to the seller’s negligence. In no event will Resete be liable for consequential damages in respect of the corporate customer and the reseller. Indirect damage means at least damage resulting from a reduction or interruption of production or turnover, as well as a loss of profit due to the termination or non-performance of a contract with a third party.
11.3 If the customer has been provided with a replacement device free of charge for the duration of the service, the customer is not entitled to any other compensation in the event of service errors and delays due to obstruction of the use of the service device.
11.4 Resete is in principle not liable to the dealer for damage to or loss of the device during transport.


12.1 Resete exempted from liability if an error or delay is the result of war, rebellion, export or import bans, natural disasters, pandemics, exceptional weather conditions, public transport or energy supply interruption, unforeseeable technical reason, fire, labor dispute, partners for a reason related or any other matter beyond the control of Resete.
12.2 Resete must notify of the obstacle and its effect on delivery immediately after receiving information about the obstacle.


13.1 The parties are not allowed to give information about the service to a third party without the consent of the other party, unless such disclosure is necessary in accordance with the agreement to fulfill their obligations.
13.2 The parties are also not allowed to use the agreement or the other party’s name in marketing without the prior written consent of the other party.


14.1 Resete has the right to transfer the agreement in connection with the transfer of its business or part thereof. The customer is not entitled to transfer the contract without the prior consent of Resete.


15.1 If the error message made by the consumer customer does not lead to the settlement of the dispute, the consumer customer may contact his national consumer rights adviser, who can clarify and mediate on behalf of the consumer. The consumer customer also has the right to submit the dispute to the Consumer Disputes Board. If the dispute is taken to court, it will be heard in the district court of the client’s domicile.
15.2 Only the delivery terms in Finnish are legally valid. If the translations of the delivery terms into different languages are different or in conflict, the delivery terms in Finnish will be followed.